Mother Nature's Gift

Namaste friends...

My name is Madelene and I would like to tell you why I created Mother Nature's Gift.

To begin; I've always been a child of Nature, always feeling a connection to Mother Nature. But as a child and into my adult years, I always had psoriasis. Nothing ever worked completely! So, as I grew older, I became interested in making All Natural soap. Well...I liked it! I worked many different recipes to find one that didn't dry my very sensitive skin! I finally created a recipe that not only helped my skin, but others really liked it too! Then I continued on adding products (my favorite is the Sea Butter) to my skin care! Well, friends started asking me about the stuff I made and suggested I start selling it...so I did!


As much as I enjoy making skin care...I wanted to add a different element to Mother Nature's Gift...Metaphysics! Yep...that's right...transcendental, spiritual, supernatural and paranormal! Not only do I love Nature...but I have a side of me that questions everything! So I chose to change it up and add a different mix to my site. I hope you find something that helps you in any way! I love creating things and helping others with what I can offer. As Mother Nature's Gift grows, there will be more to offer for your love of All Natural or Metaphysics!

Thank you for visiting Mother Nature's Gift! If you have any other questions for me...just email me @ mothernaturesgiftbody@gmail.com

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